Mother Goddess – Papatuanuku

“Mother – Goddess Papatuanuku,
Sacred Vessel from whom all new life flows.
Help us your rainbow children
to listen and venerate you.
As we hear your cries of distress to us,
forgive us in our infancy and ignorance.
Help us to understand
that if we have no Goddess Mother to sustain us
her rainbow children, we will surely perish.
Then there will be no future for us,
or our Mokopuna”.
How can a sick and dying Mother
distinguish between her rainbow children?
A sick and dying Mother cannot produce
and sustain children who are healthy –
whole in body and spirit.
Oh rainbow children, listen to the cries
of our Sacred Mother!!
The poisons of man are deep within her soils that grow our food.
They enter our bones and blood,
indeed to the very hearts of man!!
Harken rainbow people – pray for guidance.
“Dearest Mother Goddess – Papatuanuku.
Please guide our hearts to listen
and our hands, that they might heal you.
Let us your rainbow children,
learn ways not to harm you.
Let us always love and cherish you,
for you are – the Mother Goddess Papatuanuku
Sacred Vessel from whom all new life flows.
And we are all – your Rainbow Children”.

Robina Adamson.

Matariki -2004.
In NZ Maori language – Papatuanuku is our Mother earth,
Mokopuna are our descendants.


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